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Active Challenge


I will pay the first person to score 10,000 or more a reward of 1000 USD in XMR or BTC.

Follow the scoreboard: https://coininvaders.com/V2Scoreboard.html

CoinInvadersV2 is protected from hacking and copying via our digital rights management and protected code technology. If you do successfully hack CoinInvadersV2, I will pay for a report.

The server will not dispense more than 500 fungible and transferable tokens for this game.

Once the token limit of 500 has been reached, tokens which remain inactive for a week will be automatically removed.


CoinInvaders is a 64 bit Windows application.

Here is a MSI file to install it: https://coininvaders.com/Install/20220407_0900/CoinInvadersV2.msi

If you’d rather use a ZIP file to install: https://coininvaders.com/Install/20220407_0900/CoinInvadersV2.zip

If you use the zip, simply unzip the contents to a directory where you have write access. Make sure that the BMP directory is created as a child of the directory where the .exe is placed and that all the images go in the BMP directory.

When you run the program you’ll see this:

Get an integrated id here: https://coininvaders.com/IntegratedIds.html

Why am I doing this?

CoinInvadersV2 is a test of dxChange technology which allows software developers to sell limited distributions of their content without a third party.

If you want to learn more about how CoinInvadersV2 works: https://dxchange.org

How to transfer

When you transfer CoinInvadersV2 (Action – Transfer Ownership) you’ll be prompted for a password. You may find the password in the integrated_ids.txt file, which resides in the same directory as CoinInvadersV2.exe.

After you enter the password you’ll be prompted with with the Transfer Ownership dialog:

If you click Initiate Transfer, then you’ll be prompted:

The instructions file contains the integrated ID that you’ll need to send to the person to whom you want to transfer ownership of the token / seat.